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Accolade Femoral Hip System

Scientific Solutions Leading to Clinical Success

The Accolade™ TMZF® Femoral Component merges clinically successful concepts with the highest standards of science and technology into a single system; once again confirming Howmedica Osteonics' commitment to the advancement of orthopedic implant design.   


  • TMZF®– The beta titanium alloy offers an impressive 25% greater flexibility than Ti-6Al-4V yielding a modulus that closely approximates that of bone. In addition, this proprietary alloy maintains a 20% higher tensile strength than Ti-6Al-4V
  • Circumferential Plasma Spray – A circumferential plasma spray surface over the proximal body assists with mechanical engagement in bone and provides an optimum interface for application of PureFix™
  • HA coating. 2 PureFix™ HA Coating – Howmedica Osteonics’ clinically successful, 50µm thick PureFix™ HA coating demonstrates unprecedented clinical results in a multi-center study followed for more than 8 years


  • Proven Tapered Design – The tapered wedge design of the Accolade TMZF Femoral Component provides firm mediolateral stability within the femoral canal. This design philosophy is supported by extensive long term clinical experience.
  • Soft Tissue Balance – An offering of standard (132°)and extended (127°) offset options enhances soft tissue tensioning without significantly affecting leg length when adjusting joint stability.
  • Proportional Neck Lengths – Relative to body geometry, neck lengths grow proportionally in size to accommodate a wide population using a standard femoral head.
  • Reduced Neck Geometry – The TMZF alloy provides the opportunity to reduce the neck geometry thus optimizing the available range of motion while maintaining strength.
  • Large Selection of Femoral Heads -The V40™ Femoral Heads offer a larger range of offsets and neck lengths and are available in both forged Vitallium® alloy and zirconia ceramic.

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