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TMZF® alloy

TMZF® alloy is an advanced titanium alloy developed in 1986 through Howmedica Osteonics' innovative research in orthopaedic metallurgy. With a unique composition of titanium, molybdenum, zirconium, and iron, it achieves a superior combination of flexibility, strength, and notch resistance when compared to other alloys used in orthopaedic implants, including Ti-6Al-4V. In laboratory testing with Ti-6Al-4V, TMZF® alloy further demonstrates improved wear resistance, reducing the potential for generation of particulate metallic wear debris. (More)

TMZF ® alloy is specifically tailored for high performance in orthopaedic applications, optimizing the material properties that are key elements in the comfort of your patients and the long-term clinical success of the implant.

Crossfire Crosslinked Polyethylene

Howmedica Osteonics has developed Crossfire™ Polyethylene, a highly crosslinked UHMWPE that demonstrates a 90% reduction in polyethylene wear. Crossfire™ Polyethylene significantly reduces wear, without compromising the material properties found in gamma/inert packaged polyethylene

Titanium Material

Titanium has, as a pure metal, an extraordinary tissue compatibility and resists corrosion from exposure to air and the biological environment. Therefore, Titanium is especially suited for long-term implants and can, according to today's knowledge, remain indefinitely in the body.


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