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Shoulder replacement

Who is a Candidate for shoulder replacement surgery ?


In a total or hemi shoulder replacement, the orthopaedic surgeon replaces the worn head of the upper arm bone or humerus with a metal ball mounted onto a stem. The socket or glenoid bone of the scapula may also be resurfaced with a polyethylene (plastic) component.

The primary goal of any shoulder replacement system is to relieve pain and regain motion to the shoulder joint. The Stryker Europe Shoulder replacement System was developed with this in mind. This comprehensive shoulder system gives your orthopaedic surgeon the ability to perform a total shoulder procedure (which includes a humeral and glenoid replacement) or a hemi shoulder procedure (which is a humeral replacement only).

The Stryker Europe Shoulder replacement System offers the surgeon and the patient the benefit of a modular system. It gives the surgeon the ability to use different humeral heads and stems to balance the soft tissue or muscles surrounding the shoulder joint. This helps to restore your range of motion and freedom to perform daily activities.

Your physical rehabilitation after surgery may vary in its schedule, but usually starts one week after surgery and consists of passive exercises to begin to strengthen your shoulder and regain some of the joint's prior function.


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